Friday, January 20, 2017


Whether Donald Trump is a good President, a mediocre one, or even well-below-average one remains to be seen.

But it certainly isn't possible, at least in this universe with these theories, that he'll fail to be at least as good as, and likely better, compared to the one he's replacing.

We as a nation are growing as we transition away from a President who was constitutionally incapable of going more than a few minutes in any venue, and particularly not in a speech, without using the word "I" and claiming (almost always untruthfully) credit for something that might or not even be a positive thing.

We as a nation are growing as we transition toward a President who thinks in terms of "we".  Will he be a good leader?  I don't know.  But it seems that unlike his predecessor, he will at least acknowledge that we are all in this together, and have a desire for us to be better together.  Is it possible this is just lip service?  Perhaps, but even lip service for cooperation will be an improvement over active division and intentional destruction of America, everything that makes America unique among nations, and everything that America has stood for since her founding.

I'm cautiously hopeful for the future.  Perhaps that's because things could not get any worse than the now-departed administration made them.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bowl Season 2016-2017

A little overdue...

My "criteria of care, in rough order of priority":

  1. Georgia Tech to win
  2. Georgia to lose
  3. All other ACC teams to win
  4. Alabama to lose
  5. Penn State to lose
  6. All other SEC teams to lose
  7. All military academies to win
  8. UCF to win
That came down to 25 bowls, and I went 15-10.  Not too bad.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Rose Bowl 2017

Sort of sad when when the most exciting football of the day so far is the potheads versus pedophiles bowl because the earlier games weren't really all that competitive...

And in the highest scoring Rose Bowl in history, the potheads defeat the pedophiles...not sure what to think about that other than that I still think that the permanent ban should have happened.

Monday, December 26, 2016


I'll have a reflection on 2016, but it will take some time to think over.

A lot has happened this year.  Mostly of the not so good variety.  The world lost a lot of lights that made life more bearable this year.

But there will be one overwhelmingly positive thing that can't be denied, unless one is in an alternate theory, alternate universe.  The disaster that was the Obama administration is almost over.  True, he's still got almost a month to wreak more havoc against the Constitution, America, and pretty much all that is just and holy.  But it is almost over.  Will the next administration be all that some people hope for?  Frankly, I have my doubts.  It certainly won't be as bad as some people fear, and cannot possibly in any increment of time, in any universe, be as bad as the current administration has been.

Well, that was a bit long for a "wow, it has been a while, more when I have time to think about it" post...

Monday, February 15, 2016

RIP Antonin Scalia, and some thoughts

The Supreme Court lost one of its wisest and best-qualified jurists recently, and I doubt that we will ever see his equal on the court again.

There's too much partisanship and cronyism, on both sides of the aisle, for a man or woman of the calibre of Antonin Scalia to be nominated, much less confirmed.

That being said, I have a few thoughts...
  • Some folks say that Obozoid should get to nominate his replacement, because the country had its head up its collective arse for two nonconsecutive days in 2008 and 2012.  Wrong theory and wrong universe.  The country got its head out of its arse since then and voted a Senate into power that demonstrates that this President is now deemed unworthy of that responsibility.  The People have spoken, and they don't want President Narcissism naming any more jurists.
  • The Senate's Constitutional role is "advise and consent" for judicial appointments.  While I think the recent statements by the leaders of the Senate were premature and poorly thought out, they were not in any way unconstitutional, and anyone saying so needs to go back to High School Government class.  The Senate leadership was advising the President that they considered it highly unlikely (based on his past performance) that he would select someone qualified to replace Antonin Scalia, so maybe he should go back to writing love notes to his reflection in the mirror instead of wasting his time.  Politically, I believe a wiser move would have been to simply laud the late Justice for his wisdom, intellect, and devotion to the Constitution, and make very clear that replacing him would be a tall order that would take much deliberation, and leave it at that.  Then, if a nomination materialized, the appropriate response could be taken based on whether or not the President had managed to find a Thinking Cap, if he ever had one.  By acting prematurely, things got unnecessarily confrontational unnecessarily quickly.  Celebrate Justice Scalia's life and accomplishments now, as he deserves, and let that be sufficient warning as well.
  • As per usual, the Republicans are self-destructing by forgetting the most important thing - protecting the Nation from the political left.  They'll bloody each other and make unity against the lunatic fringe an impossibility, giving the forces of evil ammunition to use later on all the while.  It doesn't really matter who gets the nomination anyway, whoever is elected this November (from either party) will be an improvement - the reason being that whoever wins will be an American at heart who loves this country in their own way and wants, in their own way, what they believe to be best for the Nation.  We don't have that now, and having that will be an improvement that will overcome all other possible negatives.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy 2016

Well, 2015 was a pretty poor year, for most of it.  Between injuries and surgeries, most of the year was aches and pains.

Did manage to make it to Leicester for the reinterment of King Richard III of England, which was a neat thing.  See my Facebook for more on that.

Ended pretty well, though.  See my post The Joys of German Food from a few years ago, for one reason.  Although I've decided that the Austrians are just transplanted Parisians - Mozart must have written his famous "Leck Mich im Arsch" about his homeland, especially his home city.  Not kidding, that's a real song.

Maybe I'll write more about it.  If I get motivated to do so.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It wasn't "marked" classified...

"Never sent an email that was marked classified" is not at all the same thing as "that unsecured unclassified mail server never routed email that contained classified material"...

For an email containing data from DIA, NSA, and NGA, "wasn't marked classified" can only mean one of the following:
- "intentionally removed markings" (and someone should go to jail)
- "intentionally left unmarked" (and someone should go to jail)
- "left markings off due to lack of understanding what is and isn't classified" (and therefore should lose access and not be permitted access in the future)
- "left markings off due to lack of understanding of the governing laws, policies, and procedures regarding classified material" (and therefore should lose access and not be permitted access in the future)
- "left markings off due to a mistake" (and therefore should admit the error and cooperate with appropriate security mitigation activities, and if such has happened too many times for the same person then someone should lose access and not be permitted access in the future)

Of course, in your universe, you might have a different theory.

But you'd be wrong.