Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Well, that was interesting, if unsurprising

So, let's recap...

Of course the Democrats were absolutely certain that the Russians were involved in trying to influence the election...


It should surprise no one who has been paying attention.  Democrats are corrupt and out to destroy America and everything that is good about her.

Of course, your mileage may vary.

But not in this universe.

Friday, October 20, 2017

On renaming stuff

I think it is absolutely appropriate that there's a school that is currently named after Jefferson Davis being renamed after Barack Obama.

Both of them spent the most important and well-known years of their adult lives trying to destroy the United States of America.

Is a perfect fit.  Only way it could be more perfect is if it were named after both of them at the same time.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

On Kaepernick

Just a thought...

The #1 most important reason that Colin Kaepernick is currently not employed by an NFL team is not any of the following:

  • He's a misguided idiot pinhead who voiced public support and admiration for Fidel Castro
  • He's a misinformed lowlife who voiced public support and admiration for Che Guevara
  • He's a race-baiting malcontent who voiced public support and admiration for Malcolm X
  • He's an ungrateful adoptive son who decided to prioritize one of the races in his mixed-race heritage and create division rather than using himself as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how people of different races can live in harmony
  • He decided to express his Constitutional right of freedom of speech in a way that is guaranteed to be divisive and ineffective
  • He's not talented enough as a quarterback to be effective unless the coaches and coordinators structure the entire offense around the things he can do, because he doesn't have the aptitude for being effective in any other scheme
  • The combination of the above reasons make him a lightning rod that will reduce ticket, merchandise, and advertising sales for any team that takes him on
  • There's this vast unspoken conspiracy to punish him for some combination of the above reasons
The #1 most important reason that Colin Kaepernick is that he had a contract with the San Francisco 49ers and he opted out of it.  If he hadn't done that, regardless of any other reasons, he'd be on an NFL team today - the San Francisco 49ers.

Colin Kaepernick is currently out of a job because he misjudged reality and assumed that his value on the quarterback market was higher than it really was.  He quit a job without lining up another job first.  Years ago, when Daunte Culpepper did the same thing, resigning out of contracts every time he got butthurt about something, everyone said (and rightly so) - "Wow, what an idiot.  He's really shooting himself in the foot.  He shouldn't break out of a contract like that unless he's really sure there's something better to go to."

What is preventing him from getting a contract, is not any of the above reasons, but one simple fact.  Colin Kaepernick is insisting that every team he talks to promise to let him compete for a starting job, when he's demonstrated that he's not really starter material right now.  Is he physically more talented than some, if not many, of the backup quarterbacks in the NFL?  Perhaps he is.  But he is unwilling to exhibit any of the qualities of being a good backup.  A good backup quarterback:
  • Is willing to accept a backup quarterback salary
  • Supports the starter rather than trying to take his job
  • Supports the team by staying out of the news
  • Practices his craft so that he can fit into whatever offensive scheme the team has rather than forcing the team to restructure around what he can do
There is no evidence that Colin Kaepernick is willing to do any of those things.  Until he does at least most of those, if not all of those, he'll stay in this limbo-land of being not good enough to be a starter by better than some backups.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Whether Donald Trump is a good President, a mediocre one, or even well-below-average one remains to be seen.

But it certainly isn't possible, at least in this universe with these theories, that he'll fail to be at least as good as, and likely better, compared to the one he's replacing.

We as a nation are growing as we transition away from a President who was constitutionally incapable of going more than a few minutes in any venue, and particularly not in a speech, without using the word "I" and claiming (almost always untruthfully) credit for something that might or not even be a positive thing.

We as a nation are growing as we transition toward a President who thinks in terms of "we".  Will he be a good leader?  I don't know.  But it seems that unlike his predecessor, he will at least acknowledge that we are all in this together, and have a desire for us to be better together.  Is it possible this is just lip service?  Perhaps, but even lip service for cooperation will be an improvement over active division and intentional destruction of America, everything that makes America unique among nations, and everything that America has stood for since her founding.

I'm cautiously hopeful for the future.  Perhaps that's because things could not get any worse than the now-departed administration made them.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bowl Season 2016-2017

A little overdue...

My "criteria of care, in rough order of priority":

  1. Georgia Tech to win
  2. Georgia to lose
  3. All other ACC teams to win
  4. Alabama to lose
  5. Penn State to lose
  6. All other SEC teams to lose
  7. All military academies to win
  8. UCF to win
That came down to 25 bowls, and I went 15-10.  Not too bad.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Rose Bowl 2017

Sort of sad when when the most exciting football of the day so far is the potheads versus pedophiles bowl because the earlier games weren't really all that competitive...

And in the highest scoring Rose Bowl in history, the potheads defeat the pedophiles...not sure what to think about that other than that I still think that the permanent ban should have happened.

Monday, December 26, 2016


I'll have a reflection on 2016, but it will take some time to think over.

A lot has happened this year.  Mostly of the not so good variety.  The world lost a lot of lights that made life more bearable this year.

But there will be one overwhelmingly positive thing that can't be denied, unless one is in an alternate theory, alternate universe.  The disaster that was the Obama administration is almost over.  True, he's still got almost a month to wreak more havoc against the Constitution, America, and pretty much all that is just and holy.  But it is almost over.  Will the next administration be all that some people hope for?  Frankly, I have my doubts.  It certainly won't be as bad as some people fear, and cannot possibly in any increment of time, in any universe, be as bad as the current administration has been.

Well, that was a bit long for a "wow, it has been a while, more when I have time to think about it" post...